Leaching of rare earth elements from

201624&ensp·&enspelements from bentonite clay. It was determined that the pseudo secondorder kinetic model represented the dissolution processes for neodymium, samarium, and dysprosium from bentonite clay the most accurately. Keywords rare earth elements, REE, bentonite clay, acid mine drainage, AMD, leaching, removal. * School of Chemical and Minerals

Leaching and migration of neptunium in a simulated

TY JOUR T1 Leaching and migration of neptunium in a simulated engineered barrier system consisting of HLW glass and compacted bentonite AU Inagaki, Y. AU Furuya, H. AU Idemitsu, K. AU Arima, T.

Acid leaching of heavy metals from J bentonite clay, used

201059&ensp·&enspAcid leaching of heavy metals from bentonite clay Any ferrous iron present in the AMD will, within a short period of time, be autooxidized to ferric oxides and hydroxides, releasing H+, effectively forming more acid. In practical terms, this means that if mining companies

Preparation and characterization of nanoporous powders

2020415&ensp·&enspand 0.20 in the leaching mixtur(ig.˚ 3) 3.2 Crystallinity The shape of the 001reflec(ig.˚1)tes the well crystallized CaS in the CaB. The intensit() I Fig. 1 The XRDpatterns for raw, carbonat free, and completely dissolved by the hydrochloric acid leached bentonite powders (CaS:calcium smectite, I:illite, MH: metahalloysite, C:calcite, OA:opal

Bentonite an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Ronald S. Jackson PhD, in Wine Science (Third Edition), 2008. BENTONITE. Bentonite is a type of montmorillonite clay widely employed as a fining agent. It is used in clarifying juice and wines, in removing heatunstable proteins, and in limiting the development of copper casse. Depending on the objectives, the ability of bentonite to induce partial decolorization and remove nutrients, such as

Leaching and migration of neptunium in a simulated

200191&ensp·&enspIn a simulated engineered barrier system consisting of a simulated HLW glass doped with 237 Np, a compacted bentonite and water under reducing conditions, leaching of Np from the glass and diffusion of the leached Np through the bentonite were measured systematically. The following results were obtained: (1) The concentration of dissolved species of Np in the leachate is 10 7 10 8 M

Sandy Soil Amendments Bentonite

The use of clay and more partucularly, calcium bentonite together with organic matter from compost is an effective method to achieve this. The calcium bentonite and organic matter help improve soil quality, through development of soil structure through improving the water retention capacity and increasing the CEC, which improves retention and

Electrokinetic Nondestructive InSitu Technique for

Underground Storage Tanks (UGST) are often used to store hydrocarbon products and fuels. Liners under such tanks are normally formed to prevent leaching or/and overflow to groundwater. Similar protection is required in case of waste fuels, which are discharged to disposal sites (e.g. ponds, landfill

Xinhai High Quality Copper Leaching Tank in China

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Numerical Modeling of Leaching of

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